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Plant's Life In Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the last remaning natural forest of java an one of very few areas offering a profil of sea shore to montain top tropical vegetation. The park holds well 700 species of plant life of whice at least 57 are classified as rare in Java and the world
Although a great deal of Ujung Kulon's forest is as it was centuries ago, some areas have been modified by the foces af nature. Tidal waves from Krakatau eruption haveeeee inundated the northern shores and volcanic ash deposits at times have impeded plant growth.
Amont the most fascinating of the park's plant life are the many species of figs. These can take the form of trees, clibers op piphytes and are larders of the forrest that provide abundant fruits for the wildlife
The strangling fig begins froom seeds deposited in civies in the truks of brances of large trees by birds, bats and other aimals.
A number of trees such as the kigentel, the tokbrai and the kondang produce the flower and fruits on their lower trunks or larger branche rather than at usual twig ends.
The climbing lianas are are a feature of rain forest and grow toward the light without damging the host tree. Centain climbers are of high medicinal valur and are used in the treatment of cancer an Indonesia traditional toninic jamu . Others provide the Derris root powder used in insecticide of in latex chewing gum while yet onother produces a substance that is 1500 times sweeter than sugar.




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