Animal Life

RinoCheros The most precious af all the animals in the park is Javan one horned rhinoceros, the rares large animal on the earth. Once found across much of south east Asia, the firs accounts of the Java Rhino date back to China’s Tang Dynasty (SD 618-900) when Java was noted as a source for rhino horn. In java during the 1700′s rhinos were so numerous and damaging to the agriculturea plantations that gouvernment paid a bounty for every rhino killed, bagging five hundred within two years.
Earlier this century Javan rhinos were measured as being over 170cm at the shoulders more than 3 matres in lenght and 2200 kg in body weight but a recentphotograpic survey indicateds that the largest rhino in Ujung Kulon may arround 150 cm in height.
Rhini range over maximum distance of 15 to 20 km a day in desely forested lowland of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula and to the east of its ishmust. They mos mobile at the night, likewallowingin mud pool and sometimes venture onto beaches and grazing ground.

Banteng (Javan Bull)
Since pre historic times these wild cattle have lived throughtout Java and in the 17 century were used to carry loads but now the hers roam wild and are found in just a few location throughout the island. The males have black coats s while the females are usually a golden brown and both have white buttocks and stoking. A mature bull can measure over 170 cm, at the shoulders and although bot sexes have horns , only the males are large and curved. Banteng favour open grassy clearing for grazing particulary early and late in the day but also feed on the forest’s young secondary grwth and are found throughout at the peninsula and southern Gunung Honje Regions.

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