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Attractions in Ujung Kulon National Park

The tree entrance points for visitors to Ujung Kulon National are Taman Jaya, Peucang Island and Handeuluem Island. Two less visited regions, Panaitan Island and Gunung Honje Range, can be reaced fom these entrace Points or direct from Labuan.

The village of Tamanjaya, where the road down the coast line ends, is justide the park boundry. This is the main entry point for trekking into the park and visiting Handeuleum Island  This plesant village provide into kampong life and offers both short and long walks in Gunung Honje area and the south coast. Boat trips to Handeuleum and Peucang Islands can be made from Tamanjaya.


Cibiuk Hot Springs.
This short walk meadering through Tamanjaya village and paddy fields leads to a hot spring just inside the park just inside the park boundary.

Kalejetan Walk
The trail to Kalajetan passes throughforest holding a variety of wildlife including pigs, squirrels and monkeys. at the south coast the camping area and guard post overlook the wave swept sandy shores of Kalejetan and bateng grazing grounds. cracodiles are also found in nerby lagoon and rhino are occasionally sighted in this region. this very pleasant walk provides both forest and shores experience.

Handeuleum Island Trip
West across Welcome Bay by local fishing boat is Handeuleum Island amongst aa group of small island off the Ujung Kulon Peninsula.

The unique and delightfull island of Peucang lies in cleasr blu waters off the north western coastline of Ujung Kulon Peninsula. Itswhite sand beaches and coral reff shores hold a fascinating world of marinwe life while Peucang’s impressive forest shelters an abundance of wildlife, some of which graze and paly around the lodges. Opposite Peucang Island across a 800 metres cannel is the Ujng Kulon Peninsula with a wide variety of attractions.

Peucang Island’s beach is superb for swimming and shallow snorkelling reefs are also found all along the shore, for deeper snorkelling there are coral reefs to the east, midway between the island and mainland. Scuba diving areas are also found to the west and at several other locations off Peucang Island.


Karang Copong Walk
This pleasant walk north on peucang Island passes throughh towering forest to a rock achway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong. The trail leads to the top of a bluff overlooking the reef from where spectacular tropical sunset can be seen. From this point an alternative trail return to the lodges.

Citerjun Teracces Trip
Located to the north esast on the mainland peninsula is calcifield terraces and stalacties created by the waters the citerjun. These are remnannts of the once spectacuklar formations recorded by early mariners that were destroyed by Krakatau tidal waves of 1883.

Cidaon Grazing Ground Trips
situated on Peninsula oppositee Pucang Island, this large grassland with an observation tower is grazing ground for banteng, pigs, monkey, peafowl and on very rae accosions Java Rinoceros. Early morning or evening are the bsta times to visit.Ciujung River Trip
Just to the east of Cidaon the waters of the Ciujungkulon form a canoeable route through overhanging nypa a swampland.

Cibunar Walk
From Cidaon the trail south through magnificient rain forest, crosses a low saddle, join the river Cibunar the continues to clearing and rock ramps on the south coast. jJust westerward are the cibunar river mouth and the park guardpost. Monkey, bantemg, pigs and the track of rhino are often seen on this trail and it provides a excellent profile of the park’s vegetation.

Tanjung Layar
there are two ways of reaching Tanjung Layar. From those choosing the shorter walk. the boat travels 3 km west to Peninsula shore a Cibom. At Cibom are remains of a proposed naval port that was begun in 1808 and than abandoned because of hardships and polotical unheavals, and nearby shelter contains information about thev region. The trail followers the coastline west passing the currecnt lighthouse. from this tower are spectacular views of the rugged heeadliands and island below( permission must be obtanied from lighthouse staff to enter the property and to clib the lighthouse tower. The route continues to the ruins of early building from where a stairway climbs 40 m bluff to Tanjung Layar Historical Site where two previous lighthouses and staff quarters were constructed in 1800′s.

Tanjung Layar (Via Cidaon)
The longer walk to Tanjung Layar involves a short boat ride to Cidaon river opposite Peucang Island. The trail follows the shores westward through coastal rain forest to Cibom and continues along the coast to the hitorical site.
Ciramea Walk
Ater taking a boat to Cibom the direct route to Ciramea travel throught the forest to a shelters at the south and follow the shore through rocky inletts and coastal forest to the nortern end af ciramea bach. Either ofthese routes can be used for a return trip.

Situated among a group of small islands just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the Handeuleum island area offers river experiences with a variety of forest, wildlife and wetland in peace full location away from the main tourist routes.

Walk and Trip

This short forest walk across the island, the home of monkeys and deer, has views of Peninsula coasline and adjacent island.

Cigenter Grazing Ground
There several ways of reaching the grazing grounds and the most direct is by boats to a jetty near the Cigenter river mouth although alternatives routes through the forrest can be more interesting. The grazing ground’s wildlife include banteng, pigs, deer, peafowl and tunneling birds .
Cigenter River Trip
Ccanoe trips up the Cigenter River are somewwhat influenced by tides and trees across the river and if conditions are right the canoes can travel deep into the forest. The cigenter’s waters meader throught dese overhanging rain forest, the habitat of phyton and hornbillls where cracodiles and rhinos may also de seen on rare occasions. The charm of this river lies in its tranquile, primeval beauty.

Cihandeuleum Walk
Beyond the grazing grounds are dry season routes through the forest in the region between the Cigenter and Cikembeumbeum riveers. The attractions include a massives fig tree, popular with wild life, which extenda over a wide area. Animal traks in the stream beds and wetlands of this region record wildlife activity and rhino and leopard tracks are often seen.

Cibeumbeum and Cihandeuleum Rivers trip
South east of Handeuleum Island are three enchanting river outlets and theeir lower reachers can be explolored by boaat an high tide. From these forest of the sea come starnge clonkings sounds created by crabs and beyond are the silent inner waters.

Panaitan’s hill rise from pristine forest with wildlife of deer, pig, monkey, crocodiles, monitor lizards large pythons and a wide variety of bird life on the encient Hindu statues on the summits of gunung Raksa. Panaitan Island’s rugged coastline and wide sandy beachs shelther several scuba diving rees and created exceptional surfiing waves

There several good scuba diving location off Panaitan island’s northern and eastern shores including the reef of Batu Pitak near Lagon Butun but diving around Panaitan Island is not recommended for beginners

Gunung Rakasa Walk
From Citambuyung the trail climb to Hindu statue of ganesh and lingam sybole of Shivan on the summit of Gunung Raksa. These staue date from the pre-islamc periode in Indonesia n history and the ganesh statue is of particular interest as it is unlike others found in Indonesia.

Lagon Sabini Walk
From Lagon B Butun the trail crosses north west the Lagon Bajo an a beach rout continuees to white sandy beach, reefs and swamp of Lagon Sabini at the head of Teluk Kasuaris.

The slopers of this range are the habitats of endagered Java gibbon and variety of Animal and birdlife. The villages in this region are seldom visied by tourist and provide insights into traditionnal Sundanese life.


Gunung Honje Walk
The climb of Mt. Honje begins near Tamanjaya at Cimenteng and acend through the forest to the summit with views of Welcomes Bay ant the Ujung Kulon Peninsula.

Cogog via Rancecet
Beyond Cibadak the road becomes a motorbike or walking track passing through several kamung to the remote coastal village on Rancecet an Cegog at the south eastern corner of Ujung Kulon.

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